Review: Advanced Nipple Suckers

Recently I was honored to become a reviewer for and chose the Advanced Nipple Suckers from CalExotics as my first toy for review. I enjoy nipple stimulation but am not ready for (and don’t think I would really enjoy) clamps so I decided to go with these to achieve hands-free stimulation.  They’re made of a firm but pliable PVC and are phthalate-free (which is why they’re so rigid). They are shiny, black and quite sexy; they would go well with any bondage apparel. When I first received them they had a faint out-of-box smell (that has since dissipated) and I was surprised at how large they were but I liked the simple packaging and look of the product itself. I couldn’t resist sticking them to the first part of my body they touched, my arm, and I was happy to find that the suction was strong. How well do they work as actual nipple suckers though? Well, that depends on what kind of breasts you have.

I have small breasts (especially in relation to my body size) and very tiny nipples. Because of this and the size of the suckers themselves (the hole is an inch in diameter) they didn’t really suck my nipples so much as the flesh around my nipples. And that didn’t result in very much nipple stimulation, as in the kind of stimulation you experience when someone sucks on your nipples (not that I expected it to feel like a human mouth); it felt more like a pinching sensation around my nipple but not directly on it. I probably would have been better off with the Mini Nipple Suckers.

Undaunted, I tried the suckers on various other tender spots on my body (which resulted in a rather conspicuous hickey on my chest that I didn’t notice until my mother was kind enough to point it out and ask where it came from). I even tried it on my clit and, for me, that’s where these things shine. They enlarge my clit and leave it incredibly sensitive; when I used these during my most recent masturbation session in combination with a G-spot dildo I squirted massively. The sucker stayed firmly in place even during vigorous thrusting directly below it and a generous amount of lubrication around it; I have yet to experience them falling off in the heat of the moment.

The Advanced Nipple Suckers are relatively simple to clean: warm water and soap (and a fair amount of scrubbing on the inside if you’ve used it on your genitals and/or with lube) will do the trick. However, since these are made of PVC they are porous and therefor unable to be fully sanitized so if you’re planning on using these genitally I wouldn’t recommend sharing with a partner unless you’re fluid-bonded. The PVC that this product is made of is very rigid (if you just touch it, it won’t give or have any softness) which is reassuring in terms of how truly phthalate-free it is; PVC is a hard substance that is typically softened with phthalates.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this toy. They don’t do for me what their name says they should but they’re also very versatile and can create stimulation wherever you may need or want it. For me, they work perfectly as an impromptu clit pump. And I’m sure that if your breasts/nipples are larger these would sufficiently suck them. At the very reasonable price of $10, if you’re interested in nipple (or anywhere else) suction and stimulation these would be a great toy to start with. Thanks,!


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15 responses to “Review: Advanced Nipple Suckers

  1. I wouldn’t think to use these on one’s clit! That sounds fun!

    Great review. Nice to read and covers all the facts. Keep it up, yo.

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  12. Great review, worth giving it a try!

  13. Jaylah

    I actually prefer the hot-pink ones to these. (Exactly the same in all ways but color, and available from the same source.) After you’ve had them on for a few seconds, you can look down and actually see your nipple swelling inside.

  14. viky

    nice review.. I got the pink ones, the color is too girlie n i like it.. n yes, you can actually see your nipples swell (not like Swell swell) when you use them n leaves my nipples sooooo very ensitive..
    I love the feelin after removing them n also you can carry it anywhere n use it quickly.. :-)

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