Briefly: the state of things

A few quick, random notes: I mercifully go back to school on Friday. I continue counting down the days. Things suck, more or less. The Hennepin County library system finally caught up with me (the fuckers) and want me to pay that $30. Alas. I’ve got a post about the movie Nashville in progress which will, I hope, be completed on Tuesday. Unfortunately, due to Labor Day, all the libraries are closed. Which, I think, is bullshit – I don’t see how it takes so much “labor” to keep a library going with minimal functioning. I’ve never really understood this; at Carleton, after all, we keep the libraries open from 8 am to 1 am most days of the week, and when we close, there are only 3 people working: someone at circ desk, someone at reserves desk, and a supervisor. And you’re telling me the government can’t afford 3 people just to keep the library open for one day? Goddamn Labor Day. I support the idea of not working in theory, but when hordes of other people follow through with it, it causes me some problems.

Cthulhu disapproves of Labor Day

Beyond that… I was able to buy some interesting books the other day since Half-Price Books in St. Louis Park is having a clearance sale. (20% off everything! That’s beautiful!) Among those I bought: 4 cheap volumes of H.P. Lovecraft (including The Dunwich Horror, The Shadow over Innsmouth, and more) as well as a book called Forbidden Sexual Behavior and Morality by R.E.L. Masters, from 1962. The latter book, I am surprised to learn, is by a sexologist named Masters who’s not William Masters of Masters & Johnson fame. It’s pretty interesting, though, and has given me some insights into 1960s attitudes toward bestiality, miscegenation, and homosexuality. So expect to hear more about Lovecraft and sexology in the future. For now, though, the goddamn library is closing, and I must go.

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