Link Dump: #1

Welcome to the Pussy Goes Grrr weekly Link Dump! Andreas and I have decided that, since we both spend obscene amounts of time on the interwebz (seriously, it’s not healthy, I barely see sunlight, I’m turning into one of those creepy fuckers from The Descent. You know what that means? SOON I’M GONNA BE ABLE TO CRAWL ON THE CEILING! WHAT’S UP, BITCHES![1]) we should share some of the stuff that we discover and enjoy reading in a weekly roundup. Each weekly post will feature an adorable picture of a kitty. That’s my personal kitty (and cell phone and Carmex, omg, I love Carmex so much, my lips would die without it), Pumpkin. So without further rambling, here our the things that we want you, dear reader, to experience.

  • Andreas’ first post as a regular contributor on 366 Weird MoviesCapsule: Splice
  • Hyperbole and a Half – I have fallen deeply in love with this blog. I’ve been on a massive archive binge for the past two or so days and it’s had me giddy and literally laughing out loud.
  • I haz a Tumblr now. So does Andreas.
  • As a consequence, I now have a bazillion Tumblrs to enjoy. Two of my favorites are STFU, Parents and SexIsNotTheEnemy.
  • Pussy Goes Grrr is officially part of the Large Association of Movie Blogs!
  • Amanda Palmer recently released her first album as independent artist. It’s called Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukelele. It’s quite amazing. You should support her newly found independence from Roadrunner Records by downloading the album; there’s a minimum fee of $0.84. Fifty-four cents of that goes to Radiohead, the rest to Paypal. Should you choose to donate more, that money will go straight to Ms. Palmer’s pocket. She is truly leading the way for the DIY music industry that is beginning to blossom. Plus, the album is seriously fucking awesome.
  • Happy Postmodernists – a blog, founded by good friends of ours, about the happier side of some our favorite tormented postmodernists.

So there you have it, our first official link roundup. Tell us what you think, whether you like the idea or if you don’t really give a shit what we’re doing online and just wish we would talk about movies, sex and society instead!

1Forgive the random yelling, I haven’t been sleeping properly.

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One response to “Link Dump: #1

  1. Amanda Palmer kicks so much ass. So does Hyperbole. Good choices, all.

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