Link Dump: #3

[Via Esteemed.]

Welcome to the mid-August edition of the somewhat-weekly-but-not-really Pussy Goes Grrr Link Dump! Since I’m here in PA with Ashley, new posts may be more frequent. Or less frequent. Guess you’ll just have to keep reading and find out! We’ve been trawling high and low on the Internet lately, finding it to be equal parts enlightening and infuriating. So here’s some of the best of that.

  • Our mutual friend Rebekah has recently been sharing her ultra-zeal for McSweeney’s Panorama, which holds a little bit of everything amazing from the world of cosmopolitan comics & short fiction. Check it out. She also met character actor James Cromwell this morning. Go her!
  • Since I go to a college that self-identifies as “quirky,” I was instantly drawn to this great, in-depth essay on “the quirky” in contemporary indie films, from Charlie Kaufman to Diablo Cody to Wes Anderson and beyond, located at Notes on metamodernism. (For an unabridged version of the essay in .pdf form, see here.)
  • The AV Club’s Tasha Robinson wrote a hilarious (and strangely revealing) Commentary Tracks of the Damned column about Troy Duffy and The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. If you’ve ever wanted to learn first-hand about the misogyny of a scuzzy Bostonian filmmaker, here’s your chance.
  • While many of Armond White’s recent film reviews have contained just the right proportion of nonsense and pretentiousness, his take on Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups might be the best. My favorite line: “One ploy of Sandler and Fred Wolf’s screenplay is to democratize humor—spread affectionate derision all around—by repeating jokes that grow into an appreciation of our full humanity.” But it’s all golden.
  • Want to talk about when you realized part of your identity? Then send in a submission for Happy Bodies’ “When did you know…?” series!
  • Finally, Ashley discovered [via thoudostwish] this awesome Russian photography project, which includes some pin-up-style images like a tribute to Bride of Frankenstein.

Ashley says:

Here’s this week’s collection of the scariest/funniest/weirdest search terms that have led people to our blog. Having the word ‘pussy’ in your blog title really brings out the creeps.

  • “pussy ripped apart gore” and “women rape and murdered”
  • “oskar sees elis pussy”-for those that don’t know, Eli from Let the Right One In does not have a pussy.
  • “play mulan disney princess sex fuck game” and “fairy fucks the beast while bell watches””
  • “sheep’s vagina resembles a woman’s”
  • “sister using barbie doll to masterbate”
  • “fucked up pussy she died”

What the fuck is wrong with you, Internet surfers?


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7 responses to “Link Dump: #3

  1. I read that AV Club article awhile ago. Duffy is such a dick, it’s almost endearing.

    I love Armond White. Just love him.

    • Honestly, Troy Duffy is just so… straightforward. He doesn’t hide a single ounce of his redneck-y ickiness or how astonishingly unqualified he is as filmmaker/cult figure; he’s just loud and proud. And as for Armond White, there will never be another. (I hope.)

  2. I, for one, would like to know whether a sheep’s vagina resembles a woman’s.

  3. Since I don’t allow profanity on my blog, I can’t print some of the insane search terms that come may way. I was sorely tempted to choose “woman puts worm inside pussy” as my weirdest search term of the week a couple of weeks ago, though. Maybe I’ll dump some of my dirtier ones here from time to time.

    And Armond White is a perfect critic. I knew I was right and that INCEPTION was a classic when he officially slammed it.

    • Give us your dirty, icky search terms, yearning to breathe free. Honestly, I feel like reading our search terms is desensitizing me as much as anything else on the Internet.

      That’s a great observation about Armond White. He’s like a reverse barometer who sometimes approaches – but never quite reaches – a twisted semblance of logic. (I might have to write something about him soon.)

  4. Rebekah

    I’m thrilled you finally found Panorama. I knew you guys would like it.

    Also: James Cromwell? Rabies vaccines? Weird, visceral metaphors? I’m on a roll.

  5. Rebekah

    “It’s as if Sandler realized what was so false and ineffective about Funny People: the coddling sarcasm, ethnic self-pampering and egotism presented as an enviable part of L.A. comics’ privileged lifestyles.”

    Dear Armond,

    What is ‘ethnic self-pampering’?



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