Short Film Showcase: Creep

Lately, Ashley and I have been enjoying FEWDIO Horror, a collection of short independent horror films. They’re of widely varying quality, but since most of them are 3-5 minutes long, it’s an acceptable time investment even if it’s got a stupid twist ending. This one, “Creep,” is my favorite. It’s very understated but also intensely creepy, and a great realization of an old urban legend. It shows what kind of great horror can be made with a minimal budget and a little bit of ingenuity.

For other really good FEWDIO shorts, I suggest starting with “Mockingbird” or “Bedfellows,” and from there you can jump around. They’re a fun, scary assortment of videos, and they’re a perfect example of how YouTube can be the ultimate tool for reinvigorating horror cinema. I hope this adds to the quality of your nightmares as October approaches its dark, grisly end.

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