Link Dump: #11

Between the post-Halloween blues and the imminent end of classes, I’ve been feeling a lot like our old pal Stimpy lately. If all goes well, I should return to blogging in the near future. In the meantime, I’ve assembled a pretty half-assed list of recommended readings and assorted linkage. Maybe this can help us all survive the deadening onslaught of early November.

  • Jenni Miller of Cinematical writes about whether we should drop the term “torture porn.”
  • This is very, very awesome. It’s a post entitled “My son is gay” from Nerdy Apple Bottom that’s been traveling all over the Internet. You should read it, if you haven’t already!
  • OK, it’s confirmed: George Takei is the most awesome surviving member of the original Star Trek cast. Watch him tell that virulently homophobic school board member, “You are a douchebag.” (To be fair, though, Leonard Nimoy is also awesome.)
  • Through the magic of Tumblr, we have “4 Reasons Hermaphrodite Is A Derogatory Word.” Seriously, everyone: it’s intersexed.
  • Can you believe Alain Delon is 75 years old? Well, he’ll always be that fresh-faced Tom Ripley or Jef Costello to me.
  • References to The Tempest plus a review of He Ran All the Way starring John Garfield? Count me in, Acidemic!
  • Here’s a bitingly clever but depressing comic about sexism on the Internet, from Gabby’s Playhouse.
  • I love Edgar G. Ulmer, so of course I love learning about his later obscure movies like The Cavern (1965). MUBI fills us in.
  • Oregon Trail + zombies = Organ Trail, aka “YES.”
  • Here’s an article about Twitter’s “#ihadanabortion” hashtag.

We haven’t had much activity recently in the realm of weird search terms; all I could turn up for the past week was the nastily anti-Semitic “jews are animals,” the icky and not really answerable “do grown ups materbate to barbie dolls,” and finally the delightfully baffling “crishmas pussie.” I want to imagine that “crishmas pussie” is an annual tradition in some distant, insular community. Merry Crishmas Pussie, everyone!

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