Link Dump: #16

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Even though it reinforces the stereotype that only evil people love cats, we’re celebrating with a picture of the two villains (and their adorable white kitty) from the musical remake of Hairspray (2007). Now, time for the last Link Dump of the year:

And finally, to usher out 2010, we have a bunch of totally ridiculous search terms like “a girl uses a laser gun to cut her pussy out.” Eww. On the classier side, there’s “stylish masterbating to classical music” and “multifarious pussy.” (Somebody has a thesaurus!) Uh-oh, “you found my rape dungeon”! That’s… not wholesome. And lastly, some Arabic for you! Translated loosely as “Bossi Sex Video,” “سكس بوسى فيديو.” I don’t know how to say this in Arabic, but happy new year! We’ll be back with more amazing, sexy blogging content in 2011.

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One response to “Link Dump: #16

  1. Ah, those search terms really made me laugh. And honestly Andreas, what’s more effective than a laser gun?

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