Link Dump: #17

Welcome to a new year at Pussy Goes Grrr! We’re celebrating with a kitty from The Great Mouse Detective, one of the most underrated items in the Disney catalog. As you may have noticed, posting has been scarce lately. As usual, it’s because of that curse called “real life”; Ashley is about to start a new semester, and I’m neck-deep in my horror-themed comps project. Therefore, dear reader, I’ve got a question for you: what do you want? What would you like to read more of? Comment below! Reader feedback is like sweet manna from heaven to us unpaid writers. And seriously, thank you for reading. You’re the reason this blog is here.

With that, let’s start another year of kitties and Link Dumps! We’ve got werewolves, sex, politics, and more:

  • Fun fact: while working in Mexican television, Guillermo del Toro directed and starred in an Alka Seltzer commercial. And it’s scary.
  • The Hathor Legacy has a post about the Bechdel test; it’s snarky and painfully true.
  • In the aftermath of #MooreandMe, Jaclyn Friedman clears up some myths about enthusiastic consent and how it’s like, you know, a good thing to get clear, expressed consent when having sex with someone.
  • A homophobic pastor who wanted to save children from the gays was also a pedophile?! I know, it’s shocking (and ironic).
  • You may have heard about a new edition of Huck Finn with the N-word removed; Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post has this to say. Neil Gaiman adds this: “It’s public domain, so you can make Huck a Klingon if you want, but it’s not Mark Twain’s book.”
  • According to the wacky, math-loving fundamentalists at, the world’s going to end on October 21! Good to know.
  • Self-promotion time! So: I wrote a graphic novella, which was drawn by a talented team of collaborators. It’s called Spring Lake Massacre. You can read it online and, soon, buy physical copies. I’ll probably be plugging this a lot more in the future.

For this week’s weird/creepy search terms, we have the very accurate “maggots scare the hell out of me.” Yes, maggots do indeed scare the hell out of me. Especially all those maggots in Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead. From the “Incredibly Specific, but Unrelated to This Blog” files, we’ve got “tightly woven wicker paper plate holders.” Yes, those exist. No, we do not have them. Somebody searched for “blow up fanny videos,” which really can’t mean anything good, and finally, we’ve got the very blunt “fuck i don’t know.” I think we can all sympathize with that one.


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5 responses to “Link Dump: #17

  1. Motown Missile

    Since you’re asking I’d like to read more reviews of obscure/bizarre films that few people have seen. I just viewed a German film called The Head recently, and it fit both those criteria, in that it was extremely bizarre and relatively obscure. Lately I’ve become interested in Japanese film, so of course more on that subject would also be welcome.

    • These are awesome suggestions! I would absolutely love to write more about obscure/bizarre movies whenever possible, and Japanese cinema too. Thanks a lot!

  2. And in other news, Udo Kier is awesome, and My Son My Son What Have Ye Done is on Instant Netflix, and am I the only one hysterically jazzed about this?

    Graphic novella named ‘Spring Lake Massacre’? If this is not badass horror I will be severely disappointed.

    • Udo Kier IS awesome. In case anybody hasn’t read it:,49362/
      It’s a really incredible interview. I’m so excited for Guy Maddin’s Keyhole, with him & Isabella Rossellini starring. I haven’t seen My Son My Son, but it sounds pretty amazing.

      If you get a chance to check out SLM, please let me know what you think! We are all dying for reader opinions before we distribute it at MoCCA in the spring.

  3. I dig most of the articles I read here, but being a film nut I do gravitate toward the wacky movie-related ones. I second what Motown Missile said up here- weird/obscure/foreign movies would be great!

    Also I’m psyched to check out your comic!

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