Link Dump: #21

You may know the adorable duo above as Figaro the cat and Cleo the fish from Disney’s Pinocchio (1940). However, did you realize that they also co-starred in the 8-minute “Figaro and Cleo,” which may well be the cutest piece of short animation in existence anywhere? Seriously: at the end, Figaro and Cleo kiss. It’s that cute.

In non-cuteness-related news, we realize blog updates have been rather sparse lately, and for that we apologize. That’s going to change for real starting next week. Can you trust us? Or is this just a twisted reader/blogger relationship filled with one set of lies after another? Let’s hope it’s the first one. Reviews of movies and sex toys will be back in full force starting very, very soon. In the meantime, LINKS!

In terms of search terms, someone was looking for “tom waits porn” (Ashley and I strongly approve), while another searcher wanted to know the “award for the best looking vagina.” Along similar lines, “where to get pussy in hennepin county?” (My joking answer: visit the Humane Society!) And of course, “radiator rape.” That just speaks for itself.


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2 responses to “Link Dump: #21

  1. Do film school thesises (thesii?) really all involve the male gaze?

    • At the very least, writing about male gaze is an easy, lazy fallback when you don’t have ideas and you want to obscure that fact with jargon. (I’m not knocking gaze theory or actual scholarship or anything, just the way that students – and yes, even me at times – act when they’re short on ideas.)

      And through the magic of “is –> es” pluralization, it’s theses.

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