The Power of Words!

In case you didn’t see it, USA Today recently published a total non-article by Susan Wloszczyna about screenwriting that actually includes this sentence: “A handful of other titles nominated for best picture—such as True Grit, The Social Network and The Kids Are All Right—are also putting their money where their mouth is with dialogue that amuses, touches or inspires.” Yes, that’s right: a professional writer actually wrote a full 1,500 words or so and her only point was that “many movies have screenplays, which feature writing.” YEAH.

In honor of this amusing piece of anti-journalism, I’m putting forth a fun little quote mix-and-match game! Celebrate “the power of words” with me by identifying the Best Picture nominees that contain these snippets of dialogue I love. (Of course, all of them can easily be googled, but it’s even better if you can guess them off the top of your head. Besides, just use the process of elimination!)

1. “What are we ever gonna do with you, baby girl?”

2. “Screw it. Let’s gut the friggin’ nerd.”

3. “No owners means no heartbreak!”

4. “I need your observations like I need a dick up my ass!”

5. “Was I good?”

6. “Wait a minute… are we trading again?”

7. “Stop calling me an MTV girl, whatever that means.”

8. “I bought the airline. It seemed neater.”

9. “I’m a thistle sifter…”

10. “You see, I’m something of a, uh, well, a big fucking hard hero.”

Comment below with your answers! [I’ll moderate comments initially so they’re not all spoiled.]


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4 responses to “The Power of Words!

  1. 2-The Social Network
    3-Toy Story 3
    5-Black Swan
    7-The Fighter
    8-BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (that’s it’s new name, by the way)

  2. Oh a game! These are mostly just guesses…

    1 Winter’s Bone
    2 The Social Network
    3 Toy Story 3
    4 The Kids Are All Right
    5 Black Swan
    6 True Grit
    7 The Fighter
    8 Inception
    9 The King’s Speech
    10 127 Hours

  3. @Simon/Ripley: That is the perfect nickname for Inception. I’m going to start using it in conversation now.

    @Alex: Good guesses! You got them all.

    Thanks to both of you for playing!

  4. Oh awesome! The power of process of elimination strikes again!

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