Link Dump: #26

This kitty, about to nom some spilled jam, is from Chuck Russell’s 1988 remake of The Blob. It has a couple kitties, which are used (like this one) mostly as jump scares. Thankfully, none of them die—which is surprising, since The Blob ’88 is pretty merciless with its kills. It even has its blob monster eat an innocent preteen boy, right onscreen! It’s brutal, I tell you. Also thankfully, it has the redeeming beauty of a young Shawnee Smith spread throughout the film. Overall, it’s a pretty mediocre, if occasionally inventive, remake.

Don’t let yourself get devoured by a hungry blob from outer space! Read these links and stay informed:

  • Ever wanted to see a detailed history of America’s long, fucked-up relationship with breakfast? It’s right here in the “54 Cereals We Loved and Lost.” From consumerist madness (“Transformers Chocolate Flavored Cereal”??) to the least healthy options imaginable (Fruit Islands cereal with Nerds candies inside), it’s all on display.
  • What could be more dark, extreme, and disturbingly funny than Dogtooth? I guess we’ll find out soon
  • This interview is about 8 years old, but I just recently found it—and it’s still fascinating and worth peeking into. It’s with William K. Everson, one of the great film historians.
  • Speaking of film history, Matt Barry of The Art and Culture of Movies has been writing about early French filmmaker Ferdinand Zecca. If you care about silent comedy, you owe it to yourself to read these articles.
  • This video shows 36 deaths from Alfred Hitchcock movies… at the same time!
  • Ever wanted to get around your house using slides? Now you can! (Maybe? If you can afford a custom-made house?)

We had a few memorable search terms recently, like the very enthusiastic “a day to fucking remember” and the grammatically redundant “the scarest bloodest person the world pictures.” We had the very, very specific “pictures of black hoes selling pussy in 1992 in crack dens.” Finally, I thought we’d had every variation on “pussy” and “vagina” imaginable, but some intrepid netizen surprised me: “tree in pocahontas vagina.” YEAH.

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  1. 1992 was a crazy year.

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