My Cinephile ABCs

This “Cinematic Alphabet” meme has been floating around for a while, and lately I’ve been seeing Mr. @bobfreelander of Rupert Pupkin Speaks linking to new ones on Twitter, so I gave in. I came up with 26 alphabetized movies—not necessarily my favorites, mind you, but ones I love or am fond of. Instead of just listing them, I also hastily penned some accompanying doggerel. The rhymes and meter are often pretty forced, but you get the idea. Enjoy! (And if you haven’t seen any of these, I recommending tracking them down posthaste.)

A is for Capra’s Arsenic and Old Lace.

B is for The Birds (above) and Tippi’s pecked-at face.

C is for the colors in Rohmer’s Claire’s Knee.

D is for Detour and Ann Savage’s misery.

E is for Elephant and its narrative trickery.

F is for The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

G is for Ghost World and Dan Clowes’ quirky authorial voice.

H is for hiccuping Laughton as a drunk in Hobson’s Choice.

I is for I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (and “I steal!”).

J is for Jungle Fever, as Spike Lee keeps it real.

K is for The Killers, in which Lancaster dies.

L is for Le Samouraï and Delon’s steely eyes.

M is for “mein mann” in The Marriage of Maria Braun.

N is for Near Dark and the scary approach of dawn.

O is for Our Hospitality and Keaton’s daring chases…

P is for Pink Flamingos and its myriad disgraces.

Q is for Queen Christina and all its weird, fun sex.

R is for Hitchcock’s Rope, and Brandon’s hands on David’s neck.

S is for the scary [Safe], about Todd Haynes’ usual themes.

T is for 3 Women, right out of Altman’s dreams.

U is for Ugetsu, one of Mizoguchi’s best.

V is for Vampyr, starring the pseudonymous “Julian West.”

W is for Week End; lord knows what it’s really about.

X is for X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes—if they betray thee, pluck them out!

Y is for Yi Yi and its sad, quiet family.

Z is for Zero de Conduite and Vigo’s anarchy.


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3 responses to “My Cinephile ABCs

  1. This is really cool, I’m impressed with your rhyming capabilities! I haven’t seen several of these but I’ll be sure to add them to my netflix queue.

  2. @Simon/Ripley: *Return high five because Ghost World is awesome*

    @Alex: Thanks! I hope you enjoy them!

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