Are you disoriented?

In honor of Pussy Goes Grrr’s second birthday, we’re changing our WordPress theme! (We did the same thing last year.) We’re trying out Pilcrow in place of our normal Redoable Lite, hoping to move away from the old “light text on dark background” problem to a sleeker, more reader-friendly color scheme. (With optional, changeable background images!) So, since you’re the ones we’re doing this for, what do you think?

If you have other thoughts, please let us know below!

(And we promise, this birthday meta-reflection will end soon, to be replaced by more content!)


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4 responses to “Are you disoriented?

  1. Brandie

    I like the new look! Happy anniversary from the gang at True Classics, y’all! :)

  2. Charlie Sweatpants

    Maybe I’m just missing it, but I don’t see an author’s name on each post. It’s not world ending or anything, but it’s nice to know who’s writing something. Other than that, I like it. Is that current background image “The Third Man”? It’s been ages since I’ve seen that.

    • Yeah, we noticed the lack of author names, and it is frustrating—but we like the new theme enough that it makes up for it. We might start adding author names somewhere in the post at some point.

      And yes, it totally is The Third Man! A mutual favorite of Ashley and myself.

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