Ewan Keeps Me Hanging On

By Andreas

Do you like Lou Reed music? What about Danny Boyle movies? Do you think Ewan McGregor’s incredibly attractive even when he’s playing an emaciated heroin addict? If any of those answers was “yes,” then you should go read my new piece on the song “Perfect Day” and its use in Trainspotting over at The Film Experience. Although I haven’t watched all of Trainspotting in a while, this scene is the one that really, really sticks with me, and “Perfect Day” is a complex song that does a great job of setting the mood and subtly commenting on the action.

Why can’t Boyle pull genius moves like that anymore? 127 Hours had a few scattered scenes that were viscerally powerful or vaguely incisive, but the film as a whole got lost in its own optimism. In a short Oscars piece I wrote in February, I talked about how Boyle “turned a gruesome, real-life ordeal into a giddy, feel-good horror movie”; meanwhile, in Trainspotting, he had no problem revealing the fundamental hopelessness of Renton’s situation. Same goes for 28 Days Later, happy ending or no. At least we can still revel in the morbid irony of the “Perfect Day” sequence, not to mention John Murphy’s awesome 28 Days Later score!

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