Wandering Uterus #1: Wee Feminst

By Ashley

As promised before, I’m going to post the stories from my graphic memoir (which I just got my grade for today; 100%, whoo!). These first four pages are my least favorite; I want to completely redo them. Click for bigger, easier to read images!

See more about me as a young, budding feminist (in comic form!) after the jump…

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One response to “Wandering Uterus #1: Wee Feminst

  1. This is great! I am definitely relating to the childhood version of you, as I watched Beauty and the Beast religiously and absolutely loathed Gaston because he didn’t understand that books (and independence) were the most important thing. I did like The Little Mermaid though, mostly because it felt adventurous (now I realize how ridiculous the premise is). I hated Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White because they were so passive, it was boring. Great Mouse Detective was fun though!

    Looking forward to seeing the rest! And hoping for more Kathleen Hanna references.

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