Wandering Uterus #4: Pregnancy Neurosis

By Ashley

So, here we have the final story in Wandering Uterus, which is a condensed chronicle of the summer after Andreas left and my incredibly neurotic pregnancy scare. I would like to expand this story; my fears of pregnancy and issues with reproduction rights could make up their own graphic novel if I let them. I hope that you’ve all enjoyed my first major foray into comics-making. I hope to work more on this over the summer!

Hit the jump to read all about my neurosis….

Thank you so much for reading!


Filed under art, Body, Feminism, Health, Personal

2 responses to “Wandering Uterus #4: Pregnancy Neurosis

  1. Oh my god. And I thought I was the only one with irrational fears of being impregnated with the Messiah (or some shit like that). Hilarious! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these installments of Wandering Uterus.

    • Ashley

      I’m glad! I wish I had more to post; hopefully I’ll work more on it over the summer! Thanks for reading and enjoying!

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