We Need to Talk About Cannes

By Andreas

Some things I love: 1) Tilda Swinton, 2) stories about school violence, 3) Tilda Fucking Swinton, 4) beautiful cinematography, 5) chronologically impressionistic narratives, 6) female directors, 7) John C. Fucking Reilly, and… oh, did I mention 8) Tilda Swinton?

I may not yet have seen Lynne Ramsay’s first two features, the much-praised Ratcatcher and Morvern Callar, but I think I’ll need to see her third, We Need to Talk About Kevin. Between the ingredients listed above and the often ecstatic reviews it’s been getting at Cannes, this has jumped to the top of my 2011 to-watch list. Who gives a shit about Super 8 or even X-Men: First Class? I want to talk about Kevin.

Are you raring to see Kevin? Any other Cannes premieres making you excited?

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