Kicking off the summer

By Andreas

As you may have noticed, Pussy Goes Grrr has been a little quiet lately. The reasons for that can be summed up by the picture of Dustin Hoffman above. Namely: I’m in the middle of finals and preparing to graduate from college, while Ashley’s taking advantage of the lovely summer weather by going swimming. But don’t worry! You won’t be hearing the sounds of (blogging) silence much longer. By next week, we should be up and running again with pieces about The Graduate (of course), The Tree of Life, “Susie the Little Blue Coupe,” and more!

June should be an extra busy month, too, because we’ll be doing blogathons, guest posts, and plugs for our other projects. You can keep track of all this, too, by LIKING Pussy Goes Grrr over at our new Facebook page!

One last awesome note: Issue #12 of Paracinema Magazine is available for pre-order now. Head over to their website and, for only $7, you can read one fantastic article after another… including my thoughts on Derek Jarman’s post-apocalyptic punk movie Jubilee.

Wow, this summer’s starting off great, isn’t it?!

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One response to “Kicking off the summer

  1. Ah good luck with finals and/or swimming! Looking forward to your return to the blogosphere. Enjoy the summer weather!

    I watched The Graduate after I graduated college too, haha. It was my first time seeing it and the first blu-ray I ever got (a gift from my already-graduated boyfriend).

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