Horror is everywhere (3)

By Andreas

Since The Mike, of the truly excellent genre film blog From Midnight With Love was on vacation, I volunteered to help keep FMWL (and its June theme of ’80s horror) going in the meantime. To that end, I wrote a continuation of my “Horror is everywhere” series from Pussy Goes Grrr, delving into the scary side of five ’80s movies that aren’t technically horror: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The King of Comedy, Blood Simple, Ran, and Blue Velvet (the last of which I also addressed over at The Film Experience). Head on over to FMWL to read “Horror is everywhere (3)”!


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2 responses to “Horror is everywhere (3)

  1. Never got a chance to say thanks on Friday when I was traveling, and just realized it now. This was a great read, and I’m super grateful for your help! Love the comments on Blood Simple and Blue Velvet. I’d thought of how the latter meshes with horror, but the bit on the former was quite thought provoking to me.

    Now I just need to finally get around to seeing Ran…. :(

    • Glad to be of service! And I was also very happy to see the other awesome guest posts last week.

      I think I need a rewatch of Ran soon, to be honest: it’s top-tier Kurosawa, and a fantastic, unforgettable movie.

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