Go Smurf Yourself

By Andreas

Hey, I’m walkin’ here!

The Smurfs trailer offers a lot of reasons to hate this Shrek-like new abomination. We’ve got Katy Perry as Smurfette chirping, “I kissed a smurf and I liked it?” We’ve got Neil Patrick Harris endlessly repeating the movie’s single joke—that “smurf” can mean anything—as if he’s stuck in some hellish time loop. We’ve got voice acting genius Hank Azaria being whacked in the face and hit by a bus.

But the part I despise the most is Grouchy Smurf (George Lopez) referencing Midnight Cowboy in the middle of a busy New York street. I despise this worthless gag for several reasons: first of all, it’s incredibly lazy writing. Not only is it an extremely famous movie quote, but it’s one that’s become clichéd through overuse. It’s not even a knowing allusion anymore; now, it’s just the screenwriters saying, “This movie is set in New York, and we are familiar with pop culture.”

If this is even intended as an allusion, then it’s one of those half-assed over-the-kids’-heads jokes meant to convince parents that The Smurfs has something to offer them, too—that it won’t just be two hours of NPH and Hank Azaria being hit in the face. But (with any luck) this is a self-defeating proposition, because any adult who’s savvy about Dustin Hoffman playing Ratso Rizzo in a four-decade-old, X-rated movie will also know enough to stay the hell away from The Smurfs.

This trailer bespeaks a movie so unimaginative and so formulaic that it almost smacks of self-parody. The Smurfs, please get the smurf away from me, and stay there.


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3 responses to “Go Smurf Yourself

  1. I saw the trailer for this a few weeks ago and wanted to gouge my eyes out. If they aim of the trailer was to get me to avoid this film like it was unshielded plutonium, then it was a success.

    Here’s something Smurfy to wash the taste from your mouth: Mystique from The X-Men spills a dramatic revelation.

  2. Seeing this ridiculous trailer before CARS 2 didn’t even surprise me. I feel like I’ve become numb to ill-advised, shitty-looking kids movies. It definitely is lazy writing- as if throwing a few well-worn pop culture references and repetitive jokes in the mix will produce a winning family film every time. And these movies must make money, since they keep making them!

  3. Lord, oh lord.

    I love The Smurfs so damn much, and this just kills me inside, it really does, to see this actually getting released.

    And that Midnight Cowboy reference – I really have nothing to say about that one.

    Also, Hank Azaria is amazing. Why is he in this exactly? (Apart from that supposedly gigantic pay-check.)

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