Link Dump: #38

Hey, look! It’s the cutest kitty in all of science fiction! Of course I speak of Jones, resident feline of the spaceship Nostromo. He may have led Ripley to risk her life needlessly, but really, look at him. You can’t be angry with that kitty. Now here are some links:

Not much lately in the way of search terms, but I did enjoy “why copy editors are important.” In case you were wondering, it’s because copy-editing makes writing coherent and professional. Hurray for correct grammar and spelling!


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3 responses to “Link Dump: #38

  1. Jenny

    Speaking of Lucas, have you read these?:
    Although I do hate Barker and Parenti hating on Buddhism just because of Tibet’s dark past.

  2. What a great post at FanGirlTastic!

    I side with pretty much everyone on even the thought of an Evil Dead remake, however, the comments about Cody re-working the original script are indeed pretty demeaning.

  3. I kind of think the reaction Jennifer’s Body got was sexist in and of itself. The Fangirltastic piece is, well, fangirltastic.

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