Link Dump: #40

This kitty comes to us from Tom Tykwer’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006), recently named by reader Christianne as one of the best horror movies of the past decade, and recently reviewed by Andreas over at 366 Weird Movies. It’s got a half-naked Ben Whishaw and the sonorous voice of Alan Rickman; what more could you want? How about some links?

Alas, no truly surprising search terms this week… but tune in next Friday, and that just might change.


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3 responses to “Link Dump: #40

  1. Jenny

    I liked 40 year old Virgin. :(

    • From the looks of it, Adam Sternbergh doesn’t totally dislike it—he just considers it the poster boy for a potentially insidious new trend in American comedy. After all, he does call it “brick through the window of mainstream comedy… like a cool breeze let into a stifling room.”

      Unfortunately, I haven’t seen enough Apatow/Phillips movies to comment with any authority; I just thought Sternbergh’s article was worth linking to Terri Carney’s.

      • Jenny

        Okay. i was just a bit down that Sternbergh at first seemed to be blaming it. I love Paul Rudd and usually enjoy his roles in the Apatow movies (my very favorite Rudd movie being Role Models), so I guess I got a little touchy. Hell, he was the only thing great in Knocked up,

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