Link Dump: #41

Aww, look! Michel Piccoli, playing an old artist in Jacques Rivette’s La Belle Noiseuse, is petting a kitty! That’s so CUTE. Almost as cute as this week’s batch of adorable little links:

Search term of the week: “pragncy pussy.” That is some inventive misspelling. How girl get pragnt, anyway?


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8 responses to “Link Dump: #41

  1. love the warning at the top of Guardian story on horror music:
    “Please note: some of the links in this article point to gory or graphic horror movie scenes”
    Quick Q – why is the article “astonishingly good?” Stephen Thrower was in Coil and wrote the gnarly FAB press book on Fulci “Beyond Terror” among other things.
    I’d be astonished if he wrote a piece on horror music and it wasn’t great.

    • I meant “astonishingly good” in terms of the articles on horror and music that are generally published in the mainstream media. The Guardian tends toward a higher quality standard than most papers, but even for them, Thrower’s article was impressive.

      That said, I also had no idea who he was, so thanks for enlightening me! Anyone who’s collaborated with Clive Barker AND Derek Jarman automatically gets my interest.

  2. Húni

    i was taking Mr. Donarum seriously up until the moment he mentioned Hanna being his favorite film of the year. how he can afford to rip into bad plots/structure/what-have-you yet champion that microwaved cliche-accumulating go-absolutely-fucking-nowhere flick from the 90’s i will never know

    • Sorry for the confusion—Nathan Donarum actually linked to the article from Twitter; Brad Brevet was the Rope of Silicon writer and Hanna fan who wrote the top ten list.

      As for Hanna itself, I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard mixed reviews. If it is as bad as you say (which is perfectly possible; it didn’t look too remarkable), I guess we can chalk it up to personal idiosyncrasy since Mr. Brevet seems to have fairly good taste and movie smarts otherwise.

      Alas, sometimes it happens that otherwise sharp people can wholeheartedly love really bad movies.

  3. KC

    I also loved that article about horror movie music. The writer described the music so well. It was kind of mesmerizing. I ended up searching for YouTube clips to hear everything, because I haven’t seen many (any?)giallos.

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