“I’m back.”

The other day, I realized that I’d never announced the results of the “Quotable Arnold” poll. So, in the interest of closure, here they are—a week late, but no less valid:

Winner: With 6 votes out of 19 total, Conan the Barbarian‘s “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women” is the winner. I guess voting for that quote is what is best in life!

Runner-up: With 4 votes, Batman & Robin‘s super-repetitive ice-themed puns: “Let’s kick some ice,” “Ice to see you,” “Allow me to break the ice,” etc. (Alex, you have been vindicated.) Score 1 for Oscar-winner Akiva Goldsman and his lazy, lazy writing.

Third place: Tied with 3 votes each, Predator‘s “Get to the chopper!” (or “choppa,” if you prefer) and Kindergarten Cop‘s “It’s not a tumor!” (Again, “tumah” is an acceptable spelling.) Nothing’s funnier than a thick Austrian accent.

Write-ins: Each of these only received 1 vote, but they’re still worth mentioning. They were Total Recall‘s “See you at the party, Richter!”; Raw Deal‘s “You should not drink… and bake”; and Running Man‘s “I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and break your goddamn spine!” Ohhh, Arnold. So eloquent.

So what did we learn from this?

  • People just love crushing enemies! The release of the Conan remake and accompanying flood of nostalgia might have helped, too.
  • Puns, accents, and gory deaths are the right ingredients for the perfect movie quote cocktail.
  • Nobody loves (and nobody voted for) Jingle All the Way‘s “Put that cookie down, now!” That disappoints me, if only because it’s the sole Schwarzenegger quote that’s connected to both Minnesota and Phil Hartman. Sentimental value, you know.

What lessons do you take away from this incredibly scientific survey? Would you like to see similar polls at Pussy Goes Grrr in the future?


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2 responses to ““I’m back.”

  1. Yes, I would love to see more Arnold Schwarzenegger-themed polls at Pussy Goes Grr! Gee you read my mind!

    My vote was STONE COLD for Mr Freeze, obviously haha. You know me too well I suppose.

  2. Khonsidda dadda divhorse

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