Reminder: The Juxtaposition Blogathon starts MONDAY

FYI: The Juxtaposition Blogathon, the first such event hosted by Pussy Goes Grrr, will kick off on Monday afternoon. Many bloggers have RSVP’d and five have sent in links so far; if you still want to participate, juxtapose two or more movies and email a link to sometime before Friday!

Thanks for helping to make this dream a reality!

(ETA: One last-minute addition to the blogathon guidelines—I’ve been asking contributors to please include a link to Pussy Goes Grrr somewhere in each post, in order to indicate that it’s part of the blogathon. Thank you!)


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5 responses to “Reminder: The Juxtaposition Blogathon starts MONDAY

  1. I’m going to undo my RSVP–hope you don’t mind. I’ve been sick lately and struggling to get better…even though I know there is plenty of time left, I think I’d just better not. Thanks anyway…maybe next year.

  2. I will go back and add a link to Pussy Goes Grrr in all my submissions!

  3. I’m in. I was planning on doing one of my Random Horror Throwdowns this week anyway, I’ll just haveta make it extra special now. :)

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