Juxtaposition Blogathon: Day 1

The Juxtaposition Blogathon has arrived!

Three weeks ago, we sent out the call for posts juxtaposing two or more movies. The response was tremendous, and now it’s time to start linking. We’ll be accepting submissions at p.g.grrr@gmail.com through Friday—and yes, we’ll still link to it even if it’s a little late. (We’ve procrastinated and sent in late submissions to many, many blogathons so it’d be silly not to.)

So now let’s kick off five days of juxtaposing, blogging fun with the first round of submissions!

  • Simon from Four of Them is both a very entertaining blogger and Pussy Goes Grrr’s most prolific commenter, so who better to start off with? She submitted a post from 2010 called “Women Pre-1970: Adam’s Rib, Bonnie & Clyde, Citizen Kane.” It has some strong observations about the contrasts between women within each movie: as she puts it, “For every strong, badass chick, there was a screaming, emotional wreck of a baby basket.” Amanda/Doris, Bonnie/Blanche, Emily/Susan, you get the idea. My favorite line:

There is no apparent sexay-times [between Kane and Susan], but then, that shit wouldn’t go down back then, would it?

  • Next up is Alan from The Great Movies Project with “The Evolution of a (Super) Hero.” Writing exclusively about movies where Chris Evans has superpowers (Fantastic Four 1 and 2, Push, Scott Pilgrim, Captain America), he charts the heroic development of Evans’ characters. I knew almost nothing about Evans’ career going in, and thus was very amused to learn that he’s been typecast as “guy with superpowers.”
  • We’ll close out the first day with David Kilmer from I Took the Liberty of Reading Your Mind, who submitted a double feature of double features. In “CE3K = Jaws with BEMs instead of Bruce,” he makes some good points about Spielberg’s pet themes and story structure, as well as Richard Dreyfuss’s versatility. (Seriously, what a terrific actor.) Then he explains how King Kong and The Searchers are basically the same movie—and it’s totally true, too. They’re genre-coded expansions on centuries-old (racist) captivity narratives. Hell, so is Star Wars. And Taxi Driver. I’m not making this up! Anyway, David’s posts have been some of my favorites so far in the blogathon, so definitely give ’em a gander.

Thanks to Simon, Alan, and David for jumping headfirst into the cold blogathon waters and making this first day possible! We’ll be back tomorrow with Day 2…

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  1. Prolific. You shouldn’t have.

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