Juxtaposition Blogathon: Day 2

The blogathon marches on!

  • Movie Guy Steve from 1001plus brings us “Marriage Gone Bad,” with the Czech drama The Ear side-to-side with Mike Nichols’ adaptation of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? His description of The Ear, which I’ve never heard of, makes it sound fascinating. He also wrote “The Best Month Ever: June, 1982,” parts one and two—and presents some solid evidence to back up that claim, like the words “The Thing.”
  • Craig from Blame Mame played a little game of “original vs. remake” with The Women (1939 and 2008). It’s really just disappointing to see so many first-rate actresses wasted the ’08 version… but, well, that’s Hollywood. At least someone got a blog post out of it!
  • Finally, Colin from Against The Hype makes his first appearance in the blogathon with a very witty juxtaposition all about “War.” In this battle between Neeson and Close, who will win your heart?

That’s all for today, but stay tuned this week for a Dracula-centric submission and some special surprises…

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