Juxtaposition Blogathon: Day 3

Halfway through, and the blogathon’s going strong as ever!

  • First, Noah from The Hooded Utilitarian goes into rape-revenge territory with the original I Spit on Your Grave (1978) and its shitty 2010 remake. He cites Carol Clover’s Men, Women, and Chain Saws (aka “my bible”) so of course you have to read it. Back in February, he also wrote about “Bad Boys” in Groundhog Day and From Dusk till Dawn, both of which he hated.
  • Tim Brannan from The Other Side looked at five different film versions of Dracula and their representations of Mina Harker. I’ve never thought about Mina as the original final girl, but it’s a great point, and it’s fascinating to see the changes in her character over the decades.

I know of a few bloggers who are still preparing their posts, so stay with us over the next two days as we build to a thrilling climax…

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