Link Dump: #46

This week’s kitty is from the ’80s horror classic Night of the Creeps, which gave us Tom Atkins as a zombie-killing cop with an unforgettable catchphrase (“Thrill me”). If you’ve seen the movie—or, really, any horror movie—you know that misfortune awaits this kitty. So let’s just appreciate its brief, non-undead appearance here. And then appreciate some links:

We had one outstandingly weird search term this week: “Чарли Кауфман пьессы,” Russian for “Charlie Kaufman pessy.” Yeahhh. I don’t know what to make of that. But it’s weird.


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2 responses to “Link Dump: #46

  1. Starfire is magnificent the way she was, that 7-year-old girl speaks truth.

    And to think, Red Hood and the Outlaws sounded so cool when it was first announced.

  2. 366weirdmovies

    Our “weird search term of the week that specifically comes from having Pussy Goes Grr in our blogroll”: “voyager of the squirth pusy,” Reformulate that to “voyage of the squirt pussy,” and it still doesn’t make any sense!

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