Actor/Director Collaboration Bingo

Last night, I may have invented something evil.

Which is to say, I invented a very, very addictive game called “Actor/Director Collaboration Bingo.” Because, well, some directors make a lot of movies with large casts of stars and character actors, and some actors work with a lot of fantastic directors. And I’m obsessed with that kind of who-works-with-who movie trivia. If you share that obsession, this game may eat up a few hours of your life.

Here are the rules:

1) Survey the bingo card, randomly generated by the “Free Bingo Sheet Generator.” You must identify one actor who has been in a movie directed by every director in a given row—horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Wikipedia and IMDb are your friends here. (Short films count, as do future releases as long as they’re already in production.)

2) Please comment below and share any solutions. Since the card is randomly generated, I can’t yet say for sure if there is a solution.

Here’s the card. (Click to enlarge.)

Good luck and have fun!

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