Announcing: The Short Animation Blogathon

Since last September’s Juxtaposition Blogathon was such a smashing success, we’ve decided to give it another go. This time, it’s the Short Animation Blogathon, taking place from April 23-27, 2012, and you’re invited!

To participate, select up to an hour of short animated films, post your list online before April 27, then email a link to (And please include a link back here somewhere in the post.) You can write as much or as little about your choices as you want; YouTube clips are welcome but not required; and it’s up to you to decide what constitutes a “short animated film.” They can, for example, be in any medium—hand-drawn, stop-motion, computer-animated, shadow puppets, etc. Above all, use your imagination and have fun! This is a chance to share your animated loves with the world.

If you’re planning to contribute or have any questions, let us know by commenting below or sending us an email. And please spread the word! You’re welcome to use the lovely banners, featuring the Fleischer Bros.’ Grampy and designed by our friend Jacob. (For more of his art, see the Carleton Graphic website.) We’ll start linking to contributions on April 23, right after Pussy Goes Grrr’s third-year anniversary.


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15 responses to “Announcing: The Short Animation Blogathon

  1. Rats! (Or should I say “mice”… ;) ). I’m not really blogging right now but this sounds great. Regardless, I’ll keep tabs on the results and seek out the ones I haven’t seen; the animated short is one of my favorite “genres.” Personally, I adore the Quay brothers’ Still Nacht quad-tych (if that’s a word), the Fleischer’s Snow White (h/t to Roland Crandell, who hand-animated the whole thing himself over the course of a year!), early Mickey in The Gorilla Mystery, The Mascot by Starewicz (he’s got so many greats) and of course Red Hot Riding Hood, among others. Some made my top 100 list last winter which I’ll blog-pimp here:

    In other words, looks like theh 2012 S&S list has debuted. I’ve been really curious to see how a landmark decade in cinephilia changed (or didn’t change) things up, so I’m headed over right now to see the outcome…

  2. Or not…looks like Ebert’s just ruminating on his own prospective picks in anticipation. A relief, really, had the list (and all the individual voters’ ballots) actually been released it would probably hijack my afternoon…

    And also, sorry for the typos. On some computers the sign-in lines block the comment box, and you can’t actually read what you’re typing. Should say “in other news” and yes, I know ‘the’ doesn’t have an extra ‘h’…

    • No worries; they’re totally understandable.

      Thanks for the interest and recommendations! I’ve been meaning to watch some Starewicz or Brothers Quay for a while, so I should get on that, and very much share your affinity for “Red Hot Riding Hood.” I hope we can both learn about some new greats from the blogathon contributions!

  3. KC

    I love this idea! I’m in.

  4. Jake Cole

    I’m in. Been wanting to write about some animated shorts for a while now (thinking of Don Hertzfeldt and a particular Pixar short specifically).

  5. This sounds like a good idea to seek out some of the DC animated shorts they’ve been packaging with many of their great straight-to-DVD animated movies. Fits right into my schedule for the 24th. Now just have to come up with a list of them.

  6. Hi, I’m interested to join. Would it be okay if I put all short animation in one post and review them together? I have some that I already reviewed before, I guess I could put them all in? Thanks!

    • That would be great! In fact, I’d recommend discussing about whichever animated shorts you’ve chosen in a single post so it’s easier to link to. Thanks!

  7. I’m in! I have a couple of collections of old Betty Boop cartoons that I’ve needed to work my way through, and this gives me the perfect excuse. :)

  8. zombieboy79

    Great idea, though it really has me thinking about what I want to do. I remember seeing awhile back a bunch of fantastic stop motion lego scenes of classic horror movies, which might be right up my alley for this event. What do you think?

    • If that’s what you want to share, go for it! Stop-motion Lego videos are just as legitimate as any other form of animation. It can be anything you enjoy and want us all to know about.

  9. sbbn

    Hey, I’m in! Sorry for the last minute jumping-in here. I’ve been dithering about this for a while for a variety of very silly reasons. Also, I flaked on last year’s ‘thon, which I’m still really embarrassed about. Promise I won’t flake this year! I’ll post an ad for the ‘thon on my blog tonight, too.

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