Short Animation Blogathon: Day 2

For the second day of the blogathon, I have the privilege of linking to some diverse, informative pieces. Enjoy!

  • First, friend-of-Pussy-Goes-Grrr Jake from Not Just Movies wrote a really sophisticated appreciation of a single short, Pixar’s “Day & Night.” Thanks to this post, I revisited the short, and can say that Jake is dead-on: it’s a sweet, funny story and a dazzling spatial/temporal experiment, totally worthy of his insightful prose.
  • Next up, Bubbawheat from Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights reviewed four “DC Showcase Short Films”—shorts packaged with DVDs, featuring DC superheroes. Judging by the reviews, they sound like a mixed bag, but I’m still always curious to hear about superhero properties being developed in ways other than “bland live-action feature.” So kudos to Bubbawheat for the reviews.
  • Finally, David from An Empire of One contributes not just one post, but a whole tag, “Cartoons: Themes and Variations.” His subjects run the gamut from Tex Avery and Woody Woodpecker to a Canadian short called To Be, which he declares a good substitute for watching The Prestige. So get thee hence and read!

We’ll be back throughout the week with more links and animated surprises…

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