Short Animation Blogathon: Day 3

After a brief pause, the blogathon train is back on the tracks and rushing forward at full speed. Here are four to-die-for links, just bursting with animated goodness:

  • To start off, Tim Bryton from Antagony & Ecstasy (one of my very favorite movie blogs) gives us “Canadian Animation: A Primer.” I don’t know what to say about it other than click, read, watch. His picks range across a variety of tones and styles, but all of them attest to the beauty of government-subsidized filmmaking.
  • Brandie from True Classics has written a post after my own heart, “Wait ’til you get a view of sweet Betty,” delving into the lascivious history of pre-Code Betty Boop. Some of these cartoons have to be seen to be believed; sexual violence was everywhere.
  • Trish from Tricia’s Obligatory Art Blog! has a smorgasbord of Warner Bros. shorts by Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, and Tex Avery. It’s a wonderful selection—I mean, duh—and it brought my attention to the impossible cuteness of Feed the Kitty. So cute.
  • Our last link for the day is to Chris from Recently Viewed Movies, who highlights a series of “Aesop’s Fables” shorts by Paul Terry. They’re new to me, but Chris’s sample involves bootlegging and hallucinations. What’s not to love?

These contributors really went above and beyond, picking out a fun, diverse array of cartoons. So thanks to Tim, Brandie, Trish, and Chris! We’ll be back tomorrow to wrap up the blogathon and, of course, recommend a whole lot more cartoons…

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