Announcing: The Queer Film Blogathon 2012

I know we just wrapped up the Short Animation Blogathon, but time and tide wait for no blogger. So it’s time for another special announcement: we’ll be co-hosting the second Queer Film Blogathon from June 18-22, 2012 alongside the wonderful Caroline of Garbo Laughs!

As Caroline puts it, the purpose of this blogathon is to celebrate “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or otherwise non-heterosexual, non-gender-binary depictions or personages in film!” So cut loose, enjoy yourself, and write about whatever you like, so long as it falls under that very broad umbrella. (You don’t need to declare your topic ahead of time; any overlaps between contributions are fine.) Once this party gets underway in a month and a half, all submitted posts will be linked to both here and at Garbo Laughs. Twice the linkage! Twice the queer fun!

And to make this blogathon even better, we’ll be holding a raffle at each site, probably for books about LGBT cinema. (Prizes and rules TBA.) So, wanna join in? Then please RSVP in the comments either here or on Caroline’s announcement, and we’ll add you to the list of participants below. Finally, she also whipped up a series of beautiful banners to publicize the blogathon:

Participating Sites:


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17 responses to “Announcing: The Queer Film Blogathon 2012

  1. KC

    I have no idea what I’ll write about, but I’m in!

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  3. plabuza

    Count me in. I think I might write about “The Skin I Live,” but things always open to change.

  4. So excited! Forgot to mention, I also set up a Facebook event page:

  5. Sounds like fun. I’ll write on “Happy Together” and “Beautiful Thing”

  6. Ashlee

    Haven’t seen any “good” queer films lately. Gonna have to reflect on this one… Does subtext count?

  7. You can count Kevyn Knox and The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World in on all the fun.

  8. goregoregirl

    I wanna play! I have a bunch of queer films that I need an excuse to watch. (They’re packed full of queer dom-text rather than sub-text… ;)

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