Queer Film Blogathon: Day 4

Our week-long voyage through the world of LGBT-themed movies has almost reached its end, but the posts keep on coming…

  • Chris from Silent Volume (ooh, a silents-centric movie blog!) weighs the representations of gay characters in William Dieterle’s Sex in Chains.
  • Speaking of queer prison movies, Brandie from True Classics gives us an in-depth look at the Stanwyck-starring Pre-Code drama Ladies They Talk About.
  • “His kind of… man?”: Jesse Ataide from Memories of the Future gives us one of my favorite blogathon contributions so far, a queer reading of His Kind of Woman written with some help from Richard Dyer and plenty of pictorial evidence.
  • Staying in the ’50s, Lê from Crítica Retrô looks at how queer behavior was equated with “deviation” in movies like Strangers on a Train and Johnny Guitar (pictured above).
  • Ivan from Thrilling Days of Yesteryear tells us about Different for Girls, a British romantic comedy about a trans woman.
  • Finally, Christianne writes about the queer/atheist coming-of-age story The Wise Kids.

Check back later today for our wrap-up post and the name of the raffle winner! (Speaking of which, it’s still not too late to enter.)

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