Link Dump: #78

This week’s kitty is from the People Holding Cats tumblr, and is being held by Jean-Paul Sartre, who’s deep in his work. Maybe hugging a kitty helps you concentrate on philosophy? Anyway, here are some links:

For search terms, we have the usual: “funny feminist view of sociology,” “greta garboe pussy,” and “hot girls goes grrrrr,” the latter of which sounds like an idea for a Pussy Goes Grrr spin-off blog.


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3 responses to “Link Dump: #78

  1. The drugged up self portraits article is great. Loved all of the work the artist did, pretty damn amazing.

    I didn’t hate The Guardian list as much as others did. The one I was most stumped about was the selection of Gareth Edward’s (one mediocre film under his belt surely can’t make him one of the 23 best film directors in the world today?), but by no means is it a representative list of great directors working now.

    The Julien Allen list of everyone’s votes, though I really like it, made me question it slightly with the inclusion of Martin Scorsese and Jean Luc-Godard. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to have directors who have produced work over the last few years that is top-notch than those whose best work has been many, many years ago? I haven’t minded either of their work of recent times, but it isn’t exactly there best. Could have placed other directors there instead.

    Love that Bong managed to find his way in, though. He’s quality.

    • Yeah, I think each list has some greats (von Trier! Joe!), but the Guardian one is much more about praising flavor-of-the-month filmmakers (Edwards, Wheatley, Dunham, Whedon), often on the basis of a single popular movie. Whereas the ones on Allen’s list can be past their prime, depending on what you think about Hugo or Film Socialisme, or retired-ish as in the cases of Tarr and Lynch, but generally have better bodies of work behind them. At any rate it’s a sight more thoughtful and geographically expansive.

      And yes, Bong all the way. Though I still need to watch Mother!

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    this made me smile. a lot.

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