Link Dump: #86

Upper-crust telephone KITTY!

Our first fluffy kitty of 2013 is from Busby Berkeley’s The Gang’s All Here, which I wrote about yesterday. Aww, it looks like it’s waiting for a phone call! Aren’t cats just the cutest? And now, links:

Two pornographic search terms this week, and I don’t want to know what either sentence means: “making love videos of loving blacks and white cuckold” and “real hidden camera in a restaurant bathrooms and pussy the advent of the menstrual cycle.” Yikes.


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7 responses to “Link Dump: #86

  1. Húni

    hi, no offense, but is it me or are the two Django articles you dumped on us your readers pretty irrelevant ? i mean, is anyone seriously thinking the movie is a statement on Black history ? and what exactly is Hannahs point in her article anyway? (and why does she have to use uppercase for the word Black every time? reminds me of those who speak of God or Him)

    • Look, here’s the deal: 1) many writers capitalize “Black.” It has nothing to do with God, many people who are Black prefer it, and (in case it matters to you) it’s also accepted in Standard American English. 2) Hannah’s article was pretty straightforward. If confused, I guess I’d suggest reading it again. 3) Django obviously has a lot to do with Black history on a lot of levels and it’s (just as obviously) worth analyzing in that context. 4) If you don’t like the articles being “dumped” on readers, I can’t imagine anyone’s forcing you to read this blog.

      I know this reply is pretty curt and condescending, things I try not to be when addressing readers. I know you said “no offense” and of course I’m grateful to you for reading in the first place. But to be honest, I did find this comment pretty offensive. Looking critically at race in pop culture is something we like to do here, something that we think is essential to being alert, empathetic viewers and people. If you have no interest in that, I guess all I can suggest is that you read elsewhere.

    • Ashley

      As the co-author of this blog I second everything Andreas said and would like to add: 1) the ability to separate a film that takes place during Slavery Era America about a former slave taking revenge on slave owners so he can save his slave wife from race comes from a place of IMMENSE privilege and you should probably chill with all that and 2) trying to shut down a Black author’s opinion on anything, but especially a film about race and slavery, because you think that their grammar isn’t absolutely perfect is based deeply in White Supremacy for several reasons, one of the most prevalent being that Standard American English is a construct and staple of White Supremacy. As Andreas already said, you might want to take your readership elsewhere and I also strongly suggest that you don’t go dump this load of racism on Hannah. It doesn’t surprise me that the one article in this bunch that is written by a Black woman is the one that you’re singling out as “irrelevant”.

      P.S. If you don’t like articles being “dumped” on you, maybe you shouldn’t read a post that is titled “Link Dump”. Just throwin’ that out there.

  2. Húni

    wow you guys, for the record, i enjoy most of your “dumps” (pun intended) and my comment was made with somewhat good intentions, i honestly am surprised by the historical context critique the movie is getting and i (again, honestly) didn’t get Hannah’s point with her article. and please don’t accuse me of racism unless you’re absolutely sure i hate black people and think i’m better than them.


    • Ashley

      Yes, because racism is just about hating Black people and thinking you’re better than them. Has nothing to do with upholding White Supremacy and microaggressions. Okay. Bye.

  3. Húni

    so you don’t categorize microaggression as hate ? and again with the capitalizing of Black and then White Supremacy, if i was not clear last time around then let me clarify; i actually do not get the reason for people doing this.

    i realize some people do it, thank you, i’ve noticed (hence me asking the question), i don’t get WHY they do it…any answers ? no ? ok..

    • Ashley

      And we’re your answer machine, I guess. It’s not like you can, oh, I don’t know, type the words “capitalize word Black” into google and get several different places where you can teach yourself.

      This discussion is not going to continue. This is not an open forum, this is not a place for you to spout your willful ignornace, this is not a place for your circular questioning. If you aren’t down for addressing racism within the film industry, take your readership elsewhere.

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