Quelle Beauté!

I finally went on a podcast! Host Andrew Robinson asked me onto Movies You Love to discuss a movie I love, and I selected Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast (1946). You can listen here. I babble for almost 80 minutes about Cocteau, surrealism, fairy tales, dysfunctional families, and the magic of the movies. It’s painful for me to listen to it—“Do I really sound like that? Do I ever not preface a statement with ‘sort of’? Christ, stop saying ‘ummm’; get to the fucking point!”—but I suspect you’ll enjoy it more than I do. If you’ve ever wanted to experience me prattling on about movies in audio form, enjoy!


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2 responses to “Quelle Beauté!

  1. We all say ummmm a lot on these things… it’s second nature while we think. You’re lovely. Thanks for the link.

    • Thanks for saying so, Andrew. It’s my own second nature to be vehemently self-deprecating; they’re both things I’d like to work on!

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