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Link Dump: #94


A while back, I showed you a photo of Peter Lorre with two kitties. Well, to top that, here are four photos of Peter Lorre and Vincent Price with two different kitties! Summer is over. Autumn is here. It’s time to stop fucking around. Now here are a bunch of links I’ve been gathering for the past couple months:

Finally, search terms! Like “spying wife pussy blogspot.” And “pussy trazan.” And incoherent strings of vaguely pornographic keywords like “catherine keener cameltoe pussy, tube8” and “las princesas de disney pusy”!

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Starting Some Drama


My summer writing drought is over! A while ago I was asked to write up a list of five underrated dramas for the fantastic blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks—and yesterday, I finally did just that. You can read my list here. Enjoy!

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