8 Years??

That’s a long time to maintain a blog, especially in this fast-paced online ecosystem. Hell, I’ve been using Pussy Goes Grrr as a writing platform since I was a teenager. In the context of my life, it feels like the digital equivalent of those towering redwoods that grew from saplings over a span of millennia. Other apps and profiles may since have fallen by the wayside, but here I am, still typing on this likely antiquated website. It’s seen me through half a dozen distinct disillusionments, with writing or film or criticism; periods of dormancy and regret. After all that, I’m still struggling to hone my writing, and this is as good a place to hack away as any. At this rate, maybe I’ll find some creative satisfaction midway through the 2020s. In the meantime, well, I suppose I’ll keep on posting.


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3 responses to “8 Years??

  1. dunyazad

    I know this feeling very well. I’ve been writing about movies on the internet since the 90s and lately I wonder why I even bother. And still, I hack about on my blog. Weird.

  2. Yeah! I guess it’s like… what else are you gonna do? The rewards may be few but stopping just doesn’t feel like an option.

  3. Congratulations! I started around the same time and it seems like so much has changed in the years since (and yet, sometimes it feels like it couldn’t *really* have been nearly a decade). In a lot of ways the action has moved elsewhere – to shared social media platforms, which can be great (and, of course, horrible) but somehow the blog format still allows for something other places don’t: the chance to experiment, the chance to go long, and most of all the chance to have one’s own space. Keep up the good work and here’s to another year online…

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