Pussy Goes Grrr is a blog run by Alice and Ashley, writers based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It began in April 2009 and has since evolved over the years, tending to remain focused on pop culture criticism.

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Alice was born in the Arctic Circle and has a BA in Cinema and Media Studies. Interests include history, snack food, and depressing comics. A former editor of the Carleton Graphic, Alice has been writing about film since 2008 and has been published in numerous outlets including Paracinema Magazine, Movie Mezzanine, Press Play, MUBI Notebook, and The Dissolve.

Ashley is passionately dedicated to her role as a fat, feminist, gender-bashing bitch, and spends her time devouring art, horror movies, om noms, social commentary/critiques, sex toys and general gender-fuckery of all kinds like it’s her job. Addicted to the word fuck and all of its many variations, she has been known to litter entire posts with it and other obscenities.

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