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Link Dump: #72

It’s Tom Waits holding a kitty! Have you ever seen anything cuter in your life? Aaahh I just love it. And now, some links:

We have a pair of “pussy”-themed search terms this week: the anatomically unlikely “man sticks his head all way in womans pussy” and the emphatic mantra of desire “i really truly do enjoy touching tickling kissing a female lesbian pussy.” I think the doubling on “really truly” and “female lesbian” are my favorite parts.

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Link Dump: #71

This week’s kitty comes from a great Movie Morlocks piece about Harry Dean Stanton. You wouldn’t think that kitty could get any cuter, but then oh my god it’s being held by Harry Dean Stanton! Sooo cute. And now, sooo many links:

I have a pair of bizarrely spelled search terms for you this week: “puccy steert” and “fuc ma back puss a suc ma koc.” You heard it first here, folks: “suc ma koc.”

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Link Dump: #67

This week’s kitty is from Scary Movie 2, and it’s a lot less benign than most. I mean, it’s been beating the shit out of Anna Faris, and now it’s giving her the finger! Bad kitty! But still, it’s a kitty. Anyway, here’s a bunch of cool links…

We just have one particularly over-the-top search term this week: “violence horror pussy bloody operation.” That says it all, really.

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Announcing: The Queer Film Blogathon 2012

I know we just wrapped up the Short Animation Blogathon, but time and tide wait for no blogger. So it’s time for another special announcement: we’ll be co-hosting the second Queer Film Blogathon from June 18-22, 2012 alongside the wonderful Caroline of Garbo Laughs!

As Caroline puts it, the purpose of this blogathon is to celebrate “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or otherwise non-heterosexual, non-gender-binary depictions or personages in film!” So cut loose, enjoy yourself, and write about whatever you like, so long as it falls under that very broad umbrella. (You don’t need to declare your topic ahead of time; any overlaps between contributions are fine.) Once this party gets underway in a month and a half, all submitted posts will be linked to both here and at Garbo Laughs. Twice the linkage! Twice the queer fun!

And to make this blogathon even better, we’ll be holding a raffle at each site, probably for books about LGBT cinema. (Prizes and rules TBA.) So, wanna join in? Then please RSVP in the comments either here or on Caroline’s announcement, and we’ll add you to the list of participants below. Finally, she also whipped up a series of beautiful banners to publicize the blogathon:

Participating Sites:


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Link Dump: #55

The first kitty of 2012 comes from the British horror movie Kill List. Look at it! It’s eating from the dinner table! The same table that’s poisoned by marital discord. But at least the kitty’s cute. Anyway, here’s a collection of links spread across the end of 2011 and the beginning of this beautiful new year:

Somebody actually searched for the phrase “butt secks.” I also like how blunt “lust and fucking” is. And what was the person who typed in “inosent sex toons” expecting to find?

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Cave of Forgotten Wet Dreams

According to the MGM musical On the Town (1949), postwar New York was a wonderland of unbridled sexual desire. The city, if you trust this fantasy, was bulging at the seams with visibly horny women (mature, professional women, mind you) desperate to bed naïve, sight-seeing sailors. So desperate, in fact, that they performed whole songs about it! Take Ann Miller’s introduction to the film, for example. She plays an anthropology student who’s spontaneously smitten with sailor Ozzie (Jules Munshin) because of his troglodytic visage.

How does a sloping brow translate to love at first sight? Miller explains through her song “Prehistoric Man”: “I still await my primitive mate / We’ve had a date since the world begaaaaan, my prehistoric man!” The song’s thesis is that “civilized” men of the 20th century are too oppressed and inhibited by all the accoutrements of modern living—top hats, psychoanalysis, bebop, ulcers, etc.—to be truly passionate lovers. It is, to be crass, her “I wanna fuck a caveman” song.

It’s deliciously unsubtle, both lyrically and in terms of Miller’s performance. When she’s not sensually sashaying, she’s casting bedroom eyes at Ozzie and his caveman ancestor; her suggestive tone, meanwhile, transforms every word of the song into a double entendre. (She really loves tom-toms.) The song also has a curious racial subtext: it’s paired with a dance around the Museum of Natural History that uses generically tribal masks and drums as props, more or less conflating “prehistoric” with everything non-white.

This conflation’s underlying racial logic has a lot in common with eugenic myths popularized around the turn of the century. These myths alleged that white men performed more mental labor than their non-white counterparts, making them weak, neurasthenic, and sexually deficient. Consequently, the white race was in danger of being reproductively outpaced, or at least diluted. “Prehistoric Man” taps into these anxieties when it describes the prehistoric/non-white man as a “happy ape… simple and free.” It’s insultingly racist, yet framed as sexually favorable.

The song’s outlook is the flip side of eugenic paranoia. Instead of fretting over racial purity, Miller’s ditching her neurotic white peers for the raw, carnal “self-expression” of a caveman relationship. She just wants to get laid.


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Link Dump: #50

Courtesy of Jasmine’s pet tiger Rajah, we’re easing ourselves into the post-Halloween season—that bizarre holiday interregnum known as “November.” So finish noshing on that discounted candy and join us for these (still pretty Halloween-centric) links:

Since this is the 50th-ever Link Dump (wow! 50!), we decided to celebrate through search terms. Here’s the deal: every single day, we receive countless hits through searches like “[actress’s name] pussy.” This happens with a lot of actresses. So, as our gift to you, here’s a list of a few dozen actresses (and other, sometimes fictional people) whose names have been repeatedly searched for alongside “pussy” (or “cunt,” or “twat”):

  • Winona Ryder, Sarah Polley, Faye Dunaway, P.J. Soles, Hermione Granger, Carrie-Anne Moss, Rita Hayworth, Melanie Lynskey, Tilda Swinton, Helena Bonham Carter, Julianne Moore, Catherine Keener, Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock, Abigail Breslin, Isabella Rossellini, Teri Garr, Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, Vivien Leigh, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Katherine Hepburn, Anna Faris, Jesse Eisenberg, Agnes Moorhead, Janet Leigh, Lily Tomlin.


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