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Link Dump: #29

I found The Man with Two Brains pretty disappointing and unfunny overall, but I did like the kitty in the operating room. So there you go. I also liked Sissy Spacek voicing a disembodied brain… but then again, I’d like Sissy Spacek voicing a disembodied anything.

On an unrelated note, you may have noticed a dearth of material on Pussy Goes Grrr lately. This is not a coincidence. We’ve been secretly preparing for the following kick-ass, action-packed week, to be topped off by a special celebration. Seriously, start reading for real on Monday, because it’ll blow your mind. And now, links:

In search term territory, all we have for you this week is “fuck yes” (because, uh, “fuck yes”!) and “are you dense? i am the goddamn walrus.” I just really like the fact that someone mixed up Batman and John Lennon.

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