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“Moderately priced soaps are my calling.”

For this week’s installment of The Film Experience’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot, I actually had to watch a movie I was totally unfamiliar with: Mean Girls (2004), which apparently everyone else in the world (who’s hip and “with it,” at least) had already seen. Well, I’m glad I finally did too, because the film is quick-witted and bursting with delightful energy. Granted, it takes place at a very Hollywood high school, where cliques are unambiguously delineated through lunch room tables and even the principle knows who-slept-with-who gossip. (Does that happen at real high schools? It didn’t at mine.)

But its tale of newcomer Cady Heron (pre-trainwreck Lindsay Lohan), her rise to the top of the school hierarchy, and her subsequent redemption from bitchiness is an apt scaffolding on which writer Tina Fey strings joke after joke after joke, never missing a beat, and adds in reams of Heathers-style quotable damage. That movie had “What’s your damage?”; this one has “Coolness.” Or a thousand other lines. You probably know better than I do. It’s also got a host of fantastic, infectious performances, like Tim Meadows as the beleaguered high school principal; Amy Poehler as the worst airheaded, ultra-bourgeois mom of all time; and my personal favorite, Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith, the ditzy blonde. Ergo, here is my favorite image.

I like this because it’s the character of Karen stripped to her barest essentials: a goofy smile and surprisingly mobile eyes. It’s surprising that in 2004, it was still possible to breathe new life into the tired “Dumb Blonde” stereotype, but Seyfried did it, giving a nuanced comic performance while playing someone who’s dumb as rocks. I mean, you’d expect it to be a one-note performance, but Seyfried hits every possible shade of stupid with uncanny effectiveness. She’s so good that I think I could watch her stupid eyes loll back and forth for an entire movie. And, to further my praise, I didn’t even think her lines were especially well-written, at least in relation to the rest of the film. She made more out of Karen than Fey ever put on paper. “Cough. Cough.”

Seyfried isn’t alone in her awesomeness. Despite the great work done by Lohan and Rachel McAdams as the lead rival characters, the minor characters just steal the show. Perhaps the best example of this is Daniel Franzese and Lizzy Caplan as Damien and Janis, Cady’s real friends who sit at the artsy kids’ table. They’re so unpretentious and lovable, even if they are occasionally – OK, constantly – catty. But at this fictional high school, who isn’t catty? This leads to my second-favorite image, from a montage of characters preparing for the much-awaited Spring Fling.

For one thing, this is our first glance at Damien’s fabulously, if stereotypically, decorated room. (Seriously, I want a Singin’ in the Rain poster!) For another and more important thing, this image just solidifies in my mind how mind-blowingly cool these two characters are. Purple tuxedoes. Between that, Janis’s hair, and her always-regal bearing, how could her idiot classmates not have voted her Spring Fling Queen? I’ll tell you why not: because I got way, way too invested in these minor characters. But really, these two are both so shifty, snarky, and endearing. They’re like George Sanders x 2. That’s times two.

Come to think of it, these two just confirm for me how much this movie resembles Daria. Cast of high school stereotypes? Check. Bitter jokes at their expense? Also check. And think about: Regina, Gretchen, Karen = Sandi, Stacy, Tiffany! Wow, now I realize why I enjoyed this movie so much! OK, the Daria connection, the fact that it’s just a well-made, brilliant high school comedy… and, after all, not liking it is social suicide.

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Link Dump: #5

Well, mid-September has arrived, and now Ashley and I are going to kick this blog into high gear. That’s right: Ashley is about to return from the land of the dead and start blogging (and making audacious tweets) again! Meanwhile, I’ve returned to school, and will soon be buried under piles of books & papers… but I’m sure I’ll still find time to blog every now and then. And to presage this purported autumn renaissance here at Pussy Goes Grrr, I’ve got links for you! Links, and freckly goddess Julianne Moore covered in lion cubs!

  • Google has been, well, being evil lately. Among other issues, Carnal Nation reports that their new Instant search service blocks “lesbian” and “bisexual”… but not gay? Oh, silly Google, what the fuck are you doing?
  • Ashley reblogged this fun list of “Anti-Gay Activists Caught In Gay Scandals” from STFU Homophobes.
  • Here’s a handy list of online academic resources about Paul Thomas Anderson. It’s fun to peek in on other people’s classes!
  • On the blog Mystery Man on Film, we’ve got the full text of a lecture given in 1939 by the Master of Suspense himself.
  • In the “Fun Comic Summaries of Crazy Movies” Department, we’ve got a one-page condensation of Eraserhead. (Thanks, @baconalert!)
  • Stacie Ponder of Final Girl wants you to make yer voice heard by sending her a list of yer 20 favorite horror movies. So go do it! What better way to get into the pre-Halloween spirit?
  • The Daily Beast has a list of Martin Scorsese’s favorite gangster movies. Scorsese is a man who knows good movies, so it’d probably do us all a lot of good to watch every movie he mentions here. (Via @TCMOnAir.)
  • A David Cronenberg Blogathon happened! Sadly, I wasn’t able to write for it, but for what it’s worth, here’s a post I wrote about Cronenberg at Happy Postmodernists back in July.
  • Jezebel recently had a piece about a new trailer for David Fincher’s The Social Network. I’ll admit I’m excited for the movie: some of the lines sound kind of ridiculous (they are talking about Facebook, after all), but Jesse Eisenberg looks so earnest and jittery as Mark “No privacy for you!” Zuckerberg. What do you think?
  • Also via Jezebel: the voice of Daria’s Daria, Tracy Grandstaff, answers questions from luminaries like Diablo Cody.

And now for some crazy-ass search terms! Unfortunately, we’ve had a dearth of truly bizarre searches lately. It’s mainly just been the usual “snails in pussy” or “fuck in my hair” nonsense. However, there was this: “horror movie scene woman forcibly milked.” I don’t know what movie that’s from, but it sounds pretty horrifying.

Less horrifying but more odd was this: “18th century renaissance pussy fucking.” While the searcher’s sense of history is a little off (the 18th century was the Age of Enlightenment; the Renaissance was long over), I still hope that they were able to find the powdered-wig-and-petticoat porn they were looking for.

  • Addendum: I just discovered this 8-bit video game based on The Room from Newgrounds. It’s time-consuming, but hilarious. If Johnny’s your favorite customer, be sure to check it out.

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