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Talkin’ Feminism with Men Folk: Real Life Conversation

This is an excerpt from an actual IM conversation that I had with a male who I am friends with. The conversation was all normal and whatnot until it took a hard left turn into Feministville. I would like it to be known that I am not posting this to be malicious towards male friend; I just think it’s a shining example of how ingrained sexism is in our culture. Behold:

Dood: she’s not very nice

Tired Feminist: I’m sorry that she’s not nice

Dood: eh..girls will be girls

(Cocks Spock-esque eyebrow; I smell danger already.)

Tired Feminist: In what way?

Dood: petty and conspiratorial and subtly vicious

(Ah, shit.)

Tired Feminist: I’m not like that and I have a vagina

Dood: that is true but you are a woman not a girl

(…There are so many ways my dood friend could have responded that would have been worlds less offensive than this. fucking. response.)

This is just the beginning; you can dive deep into a morass of fruitless argument, privilege denial, and mansplanation after the jump…

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