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Link Dump: #83

Japanese staring-you-in-the-eyes KITTY!

We’re baaaack! After a November hiatus, new content is finally returning to Pussy Goes Grrr. More to come over the next few weeks, too, as we wrap up 2012 and see what the new year has in store. In the meantime, we have a kitty for you—this week’s ominous feline comes from Kaneto Shindo’s spooooky ghost story Kuroneko, which literally translates into Black Cat—and some links!

Finally, some recent/disturbing search terms: “convinced sister to have sex with me,” “constantly worrying if baby is alive,” and “ten men dum in one pussy.” On the more amusing side, “lustoffuck.” Which, I guess, is “lust of fuck” condensed into a single word?

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Stop the Presses

Thrust a newspaper into the camera and you’ve got my attention. Or, if you like, include an insert shot where the front page is held taut by two disembodied hands. I’m a sucker for this kind of exposition, even if it is kind of cliché. I just love how much it implicitly teaches me about a film’s world. The whole story can take place in cramped rooms and be acted out by only a few principal characters, but toss in a newspaper and you’ve widened the film’s scope. Suddenly, I know that this world has mass media! Furthermore, I know that it has a reading public to buy and consume that media. And if the front page features photos of those principal characters, I know that the film’s story is diegetically big. I mean, obviously: it’s front page material.

I love this. How newspapers convey a sense of the broader world; how light and shadow bend across their textures onscreen. I love it so much that I collect screenshots of newspapers whenever I possibly can. And I figure that since I’ve collected so many by now, I might as well share some—10, to be specific, from three countries and across a span of 45 years. Look in the fine print and see if you can find 1) a very unlikely weather phenomenon and 2) what looks like a James Joyce reference.

The films, in order: Mario Monicelli’s Big Deal on Madonna Street, Jacques Becker’s Casque d’or, Max Ophüls’ Caught, Robert Bresson’s The Devil, Probably, John Frankenheimer’s The Manchurian Candidate, William A. Wellman’s Nothing Sacred, Dario Argento’s Tenebrae, Josef von Sternberg’s Underworld, Wellman again with Wild Boys of the Road, and Vincente Minnelli’s Yolanda and the Thief


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Actor/Director Collaboration Bingo

Last night, I may have invented something evil.

Which is to say, I invented a very, very addictive game called “Actor/Director Collaboration Bingo.” Because, well, some directors make a lot of movies with large casts of stars and character actors, and some actors work with a lot of fantastic directors. And I’m obsessed with that kind of who-works-with-who movie trivia. If you share that obsession, this game may eat up a few hours of your life.

Here are the rules:

1) Survey the bingo card, randomly generated by the “Free Bingo Sheet Generator.” You must identify one actor who has been in a movie directed by every director in a given row—horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Wikipedia and IMDb are your friends here. (Short films count, as do future releases as long as they’re already in production.)

2) Please comment below and share any solutions. Since the card is randomly generated, I can’t yet say for sure if there is a solution.

Here’s the card. (Click to enlarge.)

Good luck and have fun!

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Link Dump: #25

I found The Amityville Horror ’79 to be pretty underwhelming overall. I love haunted house movies, but this one wouldn’t fucking end, and it was basically the same series of events repeated endlessly. (The homeowners noticed something odd/violent, then shrugged it off.) Even Rod Steiger as a blind priest couldn’t save it. However, it did have a memorable moment where the black cat above bursts into sight, then disappears forever, as if to say, “KITTY!” (or maybe “Your house is haunted!) So keep that in mind if your house ever starts acting funny. Till then, here are some spooky haunted links:

  • Self-promotion alert! I recently reviewed a truly terrible independent horror movie called M.O.N. over at 366 Weird Movies. I sacrificed a whole hour of my life to watch this shit. Those are the breaks.
  • Moving Image Source has a great piece by Paul Brunick on Joseph McBride, film biography, and Orson Welles’s The Other Side of the Wind.
  • Also from Moving Image Source, we’ve got a great essay by Lindsay Peters on the sci-fi movies produced by the Left Bank filmmakers of the French New Wave! (I <3 Marker and Resnais’s sci-fi, so this piece gets my gold star. Kudos to Moving Image Source!)
  • Some Guy On the Net has a very deep understanding of what makes Toy Story 3 such a win: its depiction of love.
  • This “Famous Objects from Classic Movies” game is fun and addictive, and doesn’t always go with the obvious choices. Thankfully, it has an ending point!
  • If you haven’t glanced over these passive-aggressive emails sent by Donald Rumsfeld, regarding Condoleeza Rice, now is the time. It gives a very interesting (read: horrifying) impression of the people who ran this country for almost a decade.
  • I plan to talk about Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives in the near future. In the meantime, you can read two great interviews with its director, Apichatpong “Joe” Weerasethakul, at The A.V. Club and PopMatters. He sounds like a very affable, intelligent, and creative guy, which is no surprise considering his body of work.
  • The Horror Digest‘s Andre Dumas does one of my favorite things: questions received wisdom about film history. Specifically, she wrote about Thirteen Women (1932), starring The Thin Man‘s Myrna Loy, which could lay claim to being “the first slasher.”
  • Five words: David Lynch’s Dune coloring book.

Sadly, the strangest search terms we had all involved rape, so I decided not to post them. I’ll leave you with this: “nope cant find a single fuck.”


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