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Link Dump: #31

Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to pet a kitty for me. But until that day, consider this set of awesome Internet links a gift on this Friday. This is a Link Dump you can’t refuse, because we finally used the kitty from the opening scene of The Godfather.

  • Personal plug: as previously mentioned, Ashley’s final project in her Graphic Memoir class was writing and illustrating a 10-page graphic memoir. All the students’ stories were put together and printed to create Pulling Teeth: Abington Stories (which you can totally buy right here)!
  • If you like The Film Experience’s “First and Last” series, you’ll love David Bordwell’s latest piece, all about beginnings and endings in films like Snow White, The Wild One, and Broken Blossoms.
  • Really, honestly, what’s better than the intersection of film and comics? Adrian Tomine is helping to raise money for Japan by selling gorgeous prints of his DVD cover art for two Ozu films. Both Ozu and Tomine are all about perfectly composed frames, so it’s a match made in visual art heaven.
  • 12 minutes of Wilhelm screams!
  • News stories don’t come much more bizarre than this one about urine and cough drops from Orlando.
  • FreakyTrigger has an image-packed review of Russ Meyer’s Mudhoney. (They give a trigger warning, so I will too.)
  • Call for creativity! If you’re part of a marginalized group, contribute to this zine; it’s for a final project and a cool opportunity to have your voice heard.
  • Cinema Enthusiast has an awesome list of “10 Creepy Villains from Children’s Films,” with some obscure and Dahl-tastic choices.
  • We here at Pussy Goes Grrr are grammar fanatics so this article about 11 Grammatically Incorrect Movie Titles tickles us just the right way. (Seriously, lol!)
  • I (Ashley) used to be an avid fanfic writer (and sometimes I’ll get a wild hair and start a completely random fanfic now at 22 years of age), so the inevitable “Fuck Yeah, Fanfic Flamingo” is so delightful to me I can’t even explain it. Many a fanfic reader/writer will enjoy it as well.

As usual, this week saw about a zillion different pornographic search terms with “pussy” in them. Three of the weirdest were “kids 10 and up getting pussy” (yuck/yikes), “the most profound and wide pussy” (Zen pussy?), and of course, “why don’t wives give up the pussy,” which makes “pussy” sound like the remote control a couple is fighting over.

I enjoyed the very dull search for “bland, empty, generically,” as well as the open-ended “we could have saved the” (what?! what?!). But the cake was taken by the poorly punctuated, redundant, and hilarious “wow ,it’s very sexy ,sex shopping ,i like it very much.” I like it very much too.

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The Curiosity of Strangers

As part of The Film Experience’s ongoing celebration of Tennessee Williams’ centennial, this week’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot entry is Elia Kazan’s A Streetcar Named Desire. I hadn’t seen it in several years, so it was refreshing to again see Vivien Leigh as Blanche, the faded southern belle, and Marlon Brando as her boorish brother-in-law Stanley. The film takes place across two worlds—Stanley’s hard-edged, working-class reality and Blanche’s fuzzy, aristocratic dreams—and it’s amazing how cinematographer Harry Stradling visually differentiates them. (They can only meet, of course, in violence.)

My favorite image in the film comes straight out of Blanche’s distorted, histrionic world. She’s in the midst of her long breakdown, and at her diva-est. Mitch has just confronted her and torn the oh-so-symbolic paper lantern off the lightbulb, leaving Blanche alone with her illusions. She stumbles outside screaming, and suddenly all of New Orleans wants to see what’s going on.

I love this image because for once, Blanche is the center of the universe. Everything does revolve around her. She’s literally the center of attention. These faceless onlookers may not be gentlemen callers, but they’re the best she can do. At least they’re interested in her! In a perverse way, they’re the closest she has now to a flock of eager beaus. As always, that staircase looms there, just as twisted and ominous as everything else in this shot, and all the nearby strangers are cloaked in shadow, leaving Blanche as the only lit-up figure in the shot. It’s strikingly composed and eerily, horrifically beautiful.

Speaking of horrific beauty, I can’t not include Marlon Brando in all his monstrous virility. As Stanley, he’s the untamed beast who stalks Streetcar‘s frames as the madness grows, stooping to greater, more inhuman depths as he gets fed up with Blanche’s regal behavior. He’s attractive, yet repellent. Above all else, he’s common. So here’s my second-favorite shot from Kazan’s maniacal masterpiece of carnal intensity, southern style.


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