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Six Years of Pussy Goes Grrr!


Way back in 2009, Ashley and I decided to start this blog. It gave us a shared outlet through which we could say whatever we wanted on the Internet. Initially, we just rambled for paragraphs about any subject at all; gradually, our output became more refined and organized. Sometimes the blog would go on hiatus for months, then become active, then go on hiatus again. We hosted blogathons and guest writers. Occasionally a post would garner some attention and kind words. Every so often the blog’s whole layout would be revamped.

Through it all, though, three constants have defined Pussy Goes Grrr: the two of us, the fact that we like to write, and the gratifying generosity of anyone willing to read what we have to say. So if you’ve ever read anything we’ve posted here, then we thank you from the bottom of hearts. Happy birthday to this website. Now let’s try to publish on it more regularly!

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Pussy Goes “Five Years!”

Louise Brooks, our beloved mascot

For the past few months, this blog has been dormant. The facts are that Ashley’s wrapping up four years of college and I’m working two jobs while sometimes writing short reviews on Letterboxd; neither of us really has the time or energy necessary to sustain Pussy Goes Grrr at the moment. But I do still want to post this to acknowledge that the blog’s still alive, has been around for a full half-decade, and that more will be written here… eventually.

We both have reams of ideas for pieces we’d like to write, which might someday become realities on this very blog. So thanks to anyone who’s still perusing our archives—there’s a lot of work we’re very proud of back there (as well as a lot where that’s not the case)—and here’s hoping that this blog will be alive and more frequently updated in another five years.


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Summer Update

Happy 4th of July! In honor of this hallowed day, I’m finally breaking a month of radio silence, mostly to explain that radio silence. As the postcard above suggests, I recently moved two states away from my native Minnesota to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Between the move and some related life upheavals, I’ve been writing almost nothing lately. (You know how it is.) But I’ll be posting some more updates over the weekend and, I hope, settling into a new film criticism groove before the summer ends.

Enjoy today’s holiday if you choose to celebrate it, and if you’re ever in southeastern Michigan, please say hello!

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Pussy Goes “Four More Years!”

Mascot Louise Brooks caught in flagrante delicto on our 4th anniversary

I can hardly believe this website has been around for four whole years. Admittedly, that number doesn’t mean too much in terms of online longevity, let alone the grand scheme of things. But four whole years translates to a lot of time, energy, and passion even with a small, no-profit project like this. Four years of insecurity, uncertainty, and gradual change. (Was that “change” actually improvement? I suppose that’s up to you!) Of course, every second has been worth it for me. Writing here has given me the privilege of being read; of throwing my ideas out into the ether, and sometimes receiving others’ ideas in return. And because attention is as good as money for anyone who writes online, I have boundless gratitude to everyone who’s ever read me—including you, reading this, right now!

But, well, I don’t exactly think it’ll incite controversy if I observe that writing online can be demoralizing. There are about as many movie blogs as there are stars in the sky, and it’s equally tough to distinguish between them. Bad writing is everywhere, while jobs for even the most reliable critics are becoming nearly nonexistent. I learned a long time ago that if I want to do this, it has to be a labor of love. So it is! Because one way or another, I have to write about movies. It’s a fundamental (if agonizing) step in my personal viewing process, not to mention my primary creative outlet. The least I can do is try to write more, and better. I’m going to keep tweaking my writing process, keep chasing after deeper wisdom about the movies I love, and… eh, I’ll probably fail a lot. But I might succeed a little, which is the best I tend to hope for out of my endeavors.

What do the next four years hold for Pussy Goes Grrr? (Will this site even exist in 2017? Will I?) Oh, I’ll probably babble on some more about movies while struggling with the very idea of regular scheduling. Maybe Ashley will pop up more often, and maybe we’ll invite in a guest or two to stay and chat. Louise Brooks and kitties will, of course, stick around. And, if we’re lucky, so will you. Thanks for reading.


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The Queer Film Blogathon starts MONDAY

After our very restful hiatus, Pussy Goes Grrr is back and ready for action. So we’re jumping into summer with the Queer Film Blogathon, a week-long celebration of LGBT images in cinema, co-hosted by us and our friend Caroline at Garbo Laughs! It all begins tomorrow and lasts until Friday, so you still have plenty of time to write your pieces and send us links.

This blogathon has a little bonus, too: we’re holding a raffle! Each blog will be awarding a book to a lucky reader. Just leave a comment here for a chance to win Celluloid Gaze, a collection of interviews with gay filmmakers, and/or comment on Caroline’s announcement if you want to win a copy of the queer film theory classic The Celluloid Closet. Better yet: if you’re participating in the blogathon, your name will be entered a second time. Fun, prizes, queer cinema… what’s not to love?


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Announcing: The Queer Film Blogathon 2012

I know we just wrapped up the Short Animation Blogathon, but time and tide wait for no blogger. So it’s time for another special announcement: we’ll be co-hosting the second Queer Film Blogathon from June 18-22, 2012 alongside the wonderful Caroline of Garbo Laughs!

As Caroline puts it, the purpose of this blogathon is to celebrate “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or otherwise non-heterosexual, non-gender-binary depictions or personages in film!” So cut loose, enjoy yourself, and write about whatever you like, so long as it falls under that very broad umbrella. (You don’t need to declare your topic ahead of time; any overlaps between contributions are fine.) Once this party gets underway in a month and a half, all submitted posts will be linked to both here and at Garbo Laughs. Twice the linkage! Twice the queer fun!

And to make this blogathon even better, we’ll be holding a raffle at each site, probably for books about LGBT cinema. (Prizes and rules TBA.) So, wanna join in? Then please RSVP in the comments either here or on Caroline’s announcement, and we’ll add you to the list of participants below. Finally, she also whipped up a series of beautiful banners to publicize the blogathon:

Participating Sites:


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Pussy Goes “Three Whole Years!”

Can you believe it’s been three years? Three years since Ashley and I started posting embarrassing, self-indulgent rants that gradually evolved into coherent essays and arguments. Three years since that fateful Earth Day in 2009, when we staked out this little plot of Internet and called it our own. And you know what? They’ve been three enlightening, satisfying years. We’ve felt a sense of community both here and on social media, we’ve exchanged ideas, and we’ve really grown as writers/people.

So basically, thank you. Thank you for reading or commenting or linking or supporting us in any way. You are the reason for Pussy Goes Grrr.

And now that I’ve dispensed with this year’s requisite sappiness, I have a fun opportunity to share with you: the Short Animation Blogathon runs from tomorrow to Friday! So between now and then, you can post a list of your favorite animated shorts online somewhere, send a link to p.g.grrr@gmail.com, and we’ll include it in our round-ups! More details here.


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