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Dreams I Have Had About Pregnancy

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Dear Blogosphere,

Please forgive me. I know that I’m a really shitty blogger sometimes. I know that I go long, long days and weeks without posting anything. You have to understand: I’ve been very stressed out lately. Today was my moving day. Oh, what an adventure. The trailer that had all of my worldly possessions in it blew a tire about half an hour into the drive. We (as in me, my mother, her boyfriend, my dad and his girlfriend) were stranded on the side of the freakin’ highway for about an hour and a half. We waited for my cousin to bring another tire for the trailer. That tire didn’t fit. We waited to come up with another plan. We waited for my dad and my cousin to go get another goddamn tire. It was some straight bullshit. So we got back on the road, FINALLY. All the while my three other roommates are texting me, I’m stressing out because I don’t even KNOW if we’re going to be able to sign this lease today and I have to pee really fucking bad. Finally we get there. By some miracle, I managed to miss out on all that major drama. It’s time to sign the lease. Jesus tap dancing Christ.

We sign. We come to the apartment. All of my furniture is brought in. We set up the bed, unpack some stuff rearrange stuff here and there. Me and my family and two of my roommates hang out for awhile, order pizza, all is well. Now I’m sitting here in the living room to my new home while my roommate sleeps on the loveseat. I miss my mom already and she’s only been gone for like two hours. This is my first move away from home; I’ve lived with my mom all my life and this is really, really hard. My best friends are in Chambersburg and I miss them too. But it’s okay. All is for the better. I get to go to school now. In the next few days I’ll go job hunting, hopefully find a part-time job and all will be well. Andreas will be here in a matter of days. That will make it easier. And then I’ll start college and be so preoccupied that I won’t have time to be sad over home (that’s such a lie, I’m gonna keep missing my mom for as long as I’m not living with her).

And I know that she’s sad. I know that she’s probably going to cry a lot tonight. But it’s okay. I’ll call her. We’ll still be close. For now, I’m just completely exhausted. I need some rest.



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