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Testing, testing, 1-2-3

Hello world, as the automated default blog post would say. This is the introductory post for the new blog my lover and I are starting. But before we start assailing the world (which will likely remain unfazed) with our many insights, I’d like to give some background. I’m Andreas: male-bodied, free-press-loving, movie-obsessed, and about to finish my second year at a small, expensive college that I attend by virtue of a sometimes-merciful financial aid program. Since my sweetheart and I (who trade terms of endearment like barbed insults) end up constantly getting into involved, complex discussions about – as our temporary tagline states – issues of culture, society, and sexuality (and their interactions!), we decided to start a blog. Picking out the blog and domain names took about 3 hours all told because we’re perfectionists like that. And now we have a blog. We plan to post separately, whenever we want to, about more or less whatever we want to. If our ideas happen to overlap or align beautifully, well, we’re not just in love because our star charts said so. Will the world take notice of our attempt a blog and gaze down benevolently upon it? Will trolls beleaguer our every desperate word? Will my pitiful struggle for extreme self-awareness come to naught? Well, that’s what the blog is for. To find out.

Since I’m an aspiring film writer/critic/analyst/theorist/maker, I may post reviews or discussions of cinematic topics I’ve been pondering lately. Aside from that, anything is fair game. Including any of the many things I hate. I’ll conclude this introduction with a picture of me in all my toenail-clipping glory:


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